Thursday, August 6, 2009

Off to PodCamp Boston 4...

Starting Saturday morning, the staff, audience, and organizers of PodCamp Boston will start its 4th year of educating the New England region about everything social media. (blogs, twitter, facebook, openness, collaboration...)

PodCamp Boston is an opportunity, and for an extremley low price for the experience, to learn more about the technologies, people, and ideas that foster the use of social media in your personal or business lives.

My first experience at PodCamp Boston was a few years back. It was there I learned how to be "social" using available technologies, how to communicate through blogs, and really, what social media is. This time around for me, I'm sitting from on a different side of the event. (there really aren't sides since everyone is on equal ground so as to faciliate ideas/learning)

At 11:15, members of the City of Boston, Boston World Partnerships (staff and connector) and other members of the new media community will host a session called "What is the progress of Boston 2.0". This session will discuss how Boston is helping to connect area entrepreneurs to who/what they need from Boston and/or the global community to fund, launch, or grow ideas and products. We'll also solicit ideas for what else would be needed to make these interactions, connections, happen faster?

I look forward to PodCamp Boston 4 and experiencing it in a different way as well as hearing everyone's thoughts/ideas about making the 2.0 in "Boston 2.0" mean something.

I hope to see you there.