Monday, October 5, 2009

Signing off due to Twitter...

I've been using Twitter for almost 3 years, well before it became what it is today. I haven't paid much attention to how its changed what I do in the social media sphere until just looking at my last posting for "The Words of Phive Tacos" blog site. I haven't posted since October. If I go back another 6 months, I haven't posted but a few times. So over a year, maybe 2-3 posts...I think I'm finally at the point where I no longer will do full blown out blog posts.

Therefore, I'm signing off from blogging and if you'd like to follow along with my microblogging, you can go to my twitter page where I'm constantly talking tech, entrepreneurship, learning, and startups.

Maybe I'll post again but for the foreseeable future, I'm out.

See you on twitter.