Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Waiting.... For WiFi

I love Wifi, I love it even more when businesses or establishments
give it away for free.

I am connected and demand to be connected to my online happenings. I've built a great view of what is important to me in life, business, and play. Not having access to this info becomes a problem for me, a payee of access. So why is it that munis, businesses and establishments don't deliver more access to consumers?

There is added $$s in it when you think about it. A few weeks back I chose BK over McDs because BK offered free WiFi. They won my dollars by setting up a wireless router in their restaurant. How much added costs did it take? Probably not much.

Earthlink had the right strategy and it was probably execution that stumped their plans but I wish they would get rolling again so I can have more WiFi!


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