Monday, December 15, 2008

Amazing Storm...

I'm not speaking of the financial, housing, banking, or business storms, I'm talking about the ice one that just finished hitting New England this weekend.

Over the last few days my family and our community have been recovering from a very damaging storm. Look at how much ice accumulated in a 8 hour period:

The night of the storm was incredibly loud. It was impossible to sleep because every time you got to the point where you'd doze off, a tree would break and it would startle you because it sounded like it was falling right near your house. (Here were my twits)

I live in an established neighborhood so the trees around us have been around a while. It was amazing to see how the additional layers could bring them to their breaking point. There wasn't anything that they could have done; they were at the mercy of the storm. The look and feel of our neighborhood will suffer.

Now that the storm is over, in its wake is the clean up. Here is a pile I built up from my backyard.

I'd ask a neighbor for help but since they were also impacted, I had to handle the care and load on my own. It was good exercise but getting it done took much longer than expected.

Overall I took a lot of good out of the storm. I got to spend time with the family in ways I couldn't have created myself and it isn't everyday you boil water in your fireplace or listen to PBS on the radio.

It felt good to step back to a day when life was simpler.


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