Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dusting off the blog...

March 6, 2009 is my last post. Just looking at the date seems like it was yesterday but it has been almost 5 months. Sheeze!!

Where have I been? Engaged is where!

Over the last almost 5 months I've had my ear to the ground, listening and identifying the actions I need to take in order to manage through the downturn. Things like:
  • What are my audiences needing; how can I fulfill that?
  • What do they need as they manage their downturn; how can I help them?
  • What has changed on their business horizon; where do I change my product in order to get them to their new goals?
Feels like a reinvention.

I'm obviously committed to writing about the things I see and do, but the time between posts, I felt it was more important to focus on assisting my audiences as they work through their decisions in order to leave them in a better position once this mess corrects itself...and it will!

The actions I've taken over the last 5 months are already producing the outcomes I planned for. When I see that happening, I feel less guilty about not being totally committed to "The Words of Phive Tacos".

Now that I see the road clearer, I'm hopping back into the mix, which is good, seeing all of the good things happening around the globe with technology.

- The State of Wireless Broadband: 225M Subscribers & Growing (
Who can access 3G/4G services in 2013? (
How people share content on the web? (
- Google Says Mobile App Stores Have No Future (

Just so much to start talking about again. I'm looking forward to it.


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