Sunday, June 8, 2008

Seth Godin's newly coined word, "Clowd"...

With Seth's new word...I think he summarizes the times ahead of us in quite a unique way.

Things just keep getting better and better.



Larry said...

That's an interesting word but I like how he merges the two.

Thanks for the pointer.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading thoughts from visionaries / futurists like Seth Godin. It's like eating candy..... Too much is not good for you.

The problem I have with the "Clowd" concept is practical implementation. While the "clowd" is portrayed as a monolithic entity, it's clear that it would need to be a swarm of harmoniously distributed computing machines. Harmonious.

The Clowd is to modern computing as the internet was to connectivity. It was pretty obvious why everyone wanted to plug into the internet, streaming porn and American Idol voting.

Why is it that people would want to plug into the clowd? What service do I get? Other than exposing every aspect of my life to 3 million hackers?

5Tacos said...

Cloud computing is just a formal word for the "software as a service" model.

If you're not familiar, fits this bill. (i've used before but am in no way affiliated)

What I think Seth was creating with "clowd" was a picture of millions of people communicating and creating within the cloud.

Today, it's all about collaboration, collective knowledge, and conversation, so once SaaS becomes more mainstream, I think you'll find more and more people connecting and learning about each other through the "clowd".

I haven't seen a "personal" type of SaaS service yet. I think within those walls there could be more exposure and a need for more caution before engaging.


5Tacos said...

A little bit more on cloud computing:

Business Week: How cloud computing is changing the world. (Copy & Paste)


Anonymous said...

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