Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No Innovation...??

Did we go wrong somewhere? Have we forgotten what its like to innovate?

I'm not talking personally, I'm talking industry wise. I'm not picking on any industry in particular but it seems that unless your "GREEN" right now, you aren't innovating.

So I'll ask again, where have we gone wrong? Or better yet, did we go wrong?

I don' get it. Consumers are demanding new products, new approaches to the same, lower cost items, more efficient products, better emotional connections, and the list goes on. With the habits of consumers changing in such a big way, why aren't we innovating more? Have we become afraid of risk? I can't see how too much risk would impair innovation with the cost of developing something being so low.

So other than green tech, how do you see companies innovating for the consumer?



Anonymous said...

What consumer needs /wants aren't being filled?

Figure that out, and you've got yourself a business.

5Tacos said...

No doubt and some of the greatest marketing types are working on this now.

I think if you look at yourself and your habits, you'll be able to identify a need/want. That is how actually the ideal approach to product creation. Create for yourself and if its useful; share it with your friends.

If you and your friends use it, then you probably have a viable product.

So what is it that you need or want?