Monday, October 22, 2007

Get "High" on Your Own Supply

On my way to do some apple picking with the family this weekend we stopped off to fill up the guzzler and at the gas station there were some Verizon folks street marketing FIOS. I’ve been patiently waiting for FIOS to reach my home and although they keep flying a banner over my house, it still isn’t available. Verizon’s FIOS rollout has been real aggressive everywhere else but in my area.

I thought this would be interesting to show how on the street Verizon is, so I decided to grab some pics to include with the post. As my camera started snapping, the paparazzi hands started coming up from the “street warriors” like I was taking a picture of Britney’s hooha. (Uh… I’m not linking that!) Slow down folks, I’m just exercising my rights. To protect the innocent, I blurred out their faces.

I did tell them why I was taking pictures and after I said what they’d be used for, a member of the team says “what’s a blog?” I didn’t have time to break out a presentation so I just put the camera away and got on my way, but it did raise a question. You’re selling optical to consumers for quicker speeds and better services, and as a representative you don’t know what a blog is? Who do you think is buying this service, Grammy and Grandpa?

Selling a service that you have no idea what it can and will be used for isn’t a very good strategy. Instead of having street “marketers” you should have street “evangelists” pushing your product.

I can’t remember which hip hop star said, "Don't get high on your own supply" but in this case, you “should” get high on your own supply before you sell a product.


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