Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Transparent Zuckerberg

I just finished watching the Web 2.0 Summit interview with Mark Zuckerberg on John Battelle's blog. This is about the third time I've watched Mark in an interview and this one struck me as very interesting.

Take a minute to watch John and Mark's exchange for the first question. I've transcribed in case you have a slow connection:

John: So the how's financing going?
Mark: It's going well, we are almost wrapped up.
John: Wow, I actually didn't expect that response.

From a traditional business, investor and analyst view, this response is completely foreign. Never do you get such a "transparent" response from a CEO related to their financing activities. Isn't this what Sarbanes Oxley is supposed to accomplish?

Granted they are still private but even most private companies don't comment like this.

The rest of the interview is very good as Mark relaxes and opens up more about how Facebook is changing the social communications landscape.

Keep watching.


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