Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Communications = Interactions

I’ll take Jeff Pulver’s comments one step further. I think VoIP is Communications and Communications is Social but I think communications doesn’t capture the essence of what VoIP provides. VoIP provides a layer for unique and better “Interactions”.

It is not longer whom or where your friends/acquaintances are; it’s now more about the levels of Interaction you provide to them and VoIP was implemented to create more ways of doing this. If you look at the ways in which we provide Interactions today, they are nothing like before. Yesterday I could call or mail. Today I can twitter, Tokbox, Facebook, blog about what I’m doing, saying or thinking; all of which are some level of an Interaction. What we expect today will be nothing like what the next generation will expect when it comes to the way they Interact with their network.

VoIP and Social Networks are the underlying methods for all our Interactions and as our worlds get larger and freer, Interactions will continue to increase.

How else would you want to Interact with your network? Maybe share a real-time comment on the TV show your friend is watching from your mobile phone. Would you do it if it was available?

It's Interactions…

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