Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Personalized Services

If you have never been to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, you should. It is a geological wonder and the formation are absolutely incredible. Back in 1998-9, I used to live about 15 mins from GoG and hikes were the best.

XOsphere reminds me of when I used to hike at GoG; remote with nature. Their service is exactly what I mean by, "next generation services" because it allows me to stream "my" mp3s, and a whole bunch of other content, directly to my mobile phone without any DRM issues. Actually, I like how XOsphere makes the network transparent to the consumer, if the network is working properly. If it doesn't, then it becomes apparent which poses a problem to the service provider.

If enough subs use XOsphere today, this will become a minimum service down the road, just like caller id and all the other now "free" services.

Next Gen Services will become unique, extremely personalized, and have minimum to no costs.


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