Monday, October 15, 2007

Starting out...

I wasn't quite sure where to start so I'm just letting it all flow out. I'm sure some of my post will hit and others will fall silent. Either way, it is out of my head.

So what is Phive Tacos all about.

I have watched technology and business over the last 8 years from the "ground" as well as from a "top" of business view. I'm amazed with what is going on and as I read news, blogs, and current happenings, I often leave remarks of what it all means to me as a consumer.

In what I read and follow, consumers are often left out of the equation. Consumers are the most important part of a business, yet the most overlooked. New technology is worthless unless someone buys it and every business has an end-user.

As I visit with new technology and new business models, my hopes are to leave feedback about how I believe these businesses affect the next generation consumer. Hopefully I can make sense of it all.


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